Brigitte + Rui / Cherry Blossoms Wedding

May 23, 2017 Weddings 1 Comment

When I first spoke to Brigitte and Rui regarding their wedding they were both excited by the idea dressing in white with pink accent colours and having a cherry blossoms wedding. They would fit in with harmony with the sakura trees. Because of the fickle nature of well….nature, it is very hard to predict when the cherry trees would be in full bloom especially a year in advance.

As the wedding day approached we watched the weather and it seemed we might be on the shoulder of the bloom. We decided on visiting the outside of Kariya Park to check out the cherry blossoms and then head over to Erindale Park for the rest of the portraits and family photos.

Getting to Kariya Park, we were greeting by a whole slew of people photographing the trees. By keeping a tight crop we were able to make it look like Brigitte and Rui were alone among the trees. Brigitte’s beautiful wedding dress and Rui’s white tux blended perfectly with the colours of the cherry blossoms making for a unique look.

If you are interested in doing a sakura cherry blossoms wedding in toronto, be sure to check out thisĀ cherry blossom information resource. A great guide for bloom info, traffic and more.

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