Derry + Dan / Toronto Wedding Photography

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Derry & Dan
Wedding Date: April 11, 2015
Bride Getting Ready Location: King Edward Hotel
First Look / Outdoor Photos: The Distillery District
Wedding Reception / Indoor Photos: Rosewater Room
Toronto Wedding Photographer: Matt Trimble Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Mary from
Flowers: fraîche :: Floral Atelier

If you haven’t already, check out their rainy day engagement photos also in downtown Toronto. 

Despite a rainy week, looking ahead at the Toronto forecast showed that the sun should shine on Saturday. And shine it did. What a lovely day to start off the wedding season with a great bride and groom. The day started at Dan’s friend Nick’s condo in downtown Toronto. Being avid golfers, Dan and the guys were sitting on the couched glued to the TV when we arrived watching the Masters. After a quick reminder that is was also his wedding day, Dan’s groomsmen began… grooming? him for the big day ahead. Whether to prevent wrinkles or maybe just wanted to stay cool, it took a lot of convincing to get them to put on their pants. (Sorry Derry).  After a quick massage line (don’t ask) in matching socks they helped each other look their good and got Dan ready to meet his Bride.

guys getting ready for wedding

Next up it was time to check in on Derry and the girls getting ready at the King Edward Hotel. The girls had a very peaceful vibe that seemed to keep them all calm as the wedding drew close. The girls looked great in their matching robes and after some courage mimosas and a few moments of downtime together, it was time to get Derry into her dress. Derry looked stunning in her white dress as the girls helped her with the final details. After a deep breath, it was off to the Distillery District for the first look and some more Toronto wedding photography.

bride getting ready toronto wedding photos

After meeting up with Dan and the guys at the Distillery District we were told Derry was on her way. We turned Dan around and had Derry sneak up on him. You could just see how happy Derry was as she approached her groom. After a quick walk around it was time to head to the Rosewater to warm up, grab a snack and get ready for the ceremony.

Toronto wedding photography first look distillery district
wedding portraits at the rosewater toronto

The ceremony was lovely and you could really see how happy Derry and Dan were as they read their vows and shared some laughs and tears. As you can see, the beautiful ceremony space at the Rosewater had some interesting lighting. Not too often you get to see a first kiss in silhouette!

Wedding ceremony at the Rosewater, Toronto.

A quick cocktail hour as the venue reset for the reception and it was time to party! Dinner was served after a beautiful first dance and some heartfelt and hilarious speeches.

Wedding reception at the rosewater toronto